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When Your Children Catch the Crafting Bug!

One thing that makes a crafter's heart happy is when they have others who share in their passions. I find it even better when it's my kids!

When each of them were elementary age, we did handwork studies. They all know they basics of knit, crochet, sewing, woodworking, clay working, ect. I have always felt satisfied to know that they at least know these things if ever they needed to use these skills. (You know. Those emergencies when the cold conveniently waits for you to knit yourself a scarf so you don't freeze...)

But! What makes this mama's heart happy is when they seek out to learn more and then join me in the every day crafting. Over the last year and half, my daughter has really been enjoying crocheting the most adorable stuffies. I mean, they are cute, so super soft and huggable! She has really been honing her skills lately. Here is a glimpse into her creations. We keep joking that people are always concerned that homeschooled kids won't know how to make friends, but here she is making somewhere around a hundred friends over the last year!

PS... We are working on a "Serenity's Stuffies" portion of this website. Check back often to see what she has created!!!

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