County Fair Week

Oh, the county fair. The highlight of summer for many. For my family, one of our favorite things about the fair is entering our crafts and baked goods to be judged. Why do we long to be judged? I haven't a clue! I guess there just must be something in us that needs the validation of other, more experienced crafted to tell us we are doing something right.

This year the lead up to the fair was full of travel days which did not allow for us to get as much around as we normally would. My 2 youngest and myself each entered one thing that we have recently made. It was fun to see what their favorite item was that they have made. I don't know what got into me. I decided, in between our excursions over the weekend, to try something different for me. instead of entering a dress that I followed a nicely written pattern for, I decided to do an upcycled dress. It was all because my oldest went thrifting last week and brought me home a t-shirt that made him think of me. Unfortunately it was 3 sizes too big. I was just going to take it in, but when I went out to the sewing room to cut it down, I noticed a pile of our failed tye dyed shirts... Hmmm... Inspiration struck!

Now, I have longed to make one of those amazing coats like Katwise. You know the ones I'm talking about? They are these whimsical coats made of upcycled sweaters. Wool sweaters are idea. Unfortunately, I have no idea where she thrifts to get all those wool sweaters because they are not so plentiful in the shops around me. So, sadly, I have yet to make one. But... I have tshirts a plenty, so, why not?!

Now, I'm sorry. I got so into the process of cutting up the shirt and crossing my fingers and hoping my ideas worked that I forgot to take pictures of the process! But, here is the end result... with a blue ribbon. I must admit. I was a bit surprised at that last part. IT was definitely a trial and error piece, but it worked. Yay!

On the topic of upcycling, here is my son's entry. It's a guitar turned shelf. I absolutely love how it turned out. It earned a blue ribbon as well.

And, my daughter, who has been crocheting stuffies like crazy lately, picked her current favorite friend to enter and got a blue ribbon on that as well.

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