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Confessions of a Hobby Hoarder

Hello world. Welcome to my teeny little space in the interwebz. Let me introduce myself...

I'm Renee. Wife, Mom, Homeschooler and Hobby Hoarder! I have an addiction. I love hobbies. They are like something shiny is to a crow. One catches my eye and off I am! I was taking some online courses about starting a website, starting a craft business, ect and they all have this one general theme... Find you niche and stick with it. Well, I must say that is nearly impossible for me! I want all the niches!

Then... it came to me! Hobbies! Hobbies are my niche! I know this is so not what they are talking about, but, I made it fit. There is just so much beauty in this world, and, well, I want to learn how to create it.

I guess I would say, my number one hobby is sewing. I love to sew. It's been my longest love. I just think it is sew awesome (See what I did there? Yeah, I'm a goober) to dream an outfit and make it come to life from a piece of fabric! OR, better yet, to transform cast off clothing into something completely new! Yes. I love my sewing machine.

But, I don't want to make my knitting needles or crochet hooks feel bad now. I have lots of love for them as well. Fond memories of my mother, grandmother, or the sweet elderly neighbor lady from my childhood, teaching me those arts when I was about 7-8 years old. I love the feel of yarn between my fingers, creating warmth.

Ah! But, but... How about making that yarn? Oh yes, it's so much fun to go to the craft shop and brows their selection of yarns, but, there is something to be said about taking the wool itself and, though the rhythmic action of my wheel and hands, turn out a one of a kind yarn to create with. I do love spinning. It's so calming. Almost meditative. No, not almost. It is.

Thinking of meditative... that brings me to my potter's wheel. This is one of my newer hobbies. We got an awesome deal on a kiln, followed my an awesome deal on a wheel... and, well... it just made sense. I needed to learn to work with clay.

Oh goodness. I could go on and on. Weaving, gardening (it is an art all in itself), metal working, woodworking... I just wanna do it all! So, if you are the kinda person who likes to learn about new hobbies too, join me here!

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